Tubay Agri-Industrial Processing Center                               

Identified as one of the growth centers in the Caraga region by the Provincial Development Council, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) has approved the conversion of the 210-hectare area owned by JC Agri Development Corporation into Tubay Agri-Industrial Processing Center (TAPCEN) with the owners, JC Agri Development Corporation, as its site developer.

TAPCEN, located at Poblacion Barangay Doña Rosario, is approximately 86 kilometers from Surigao City and 33 kilometers from Butuan City, 63 kilometers from the Nasipit International Port and 5 kilometers away from the fabulous beaches of the municipality.  If fully operational, TAPCEN will generate employment opportunities for 15,000 to 20,000 workers and will generate substantial export earnings, encourage and stimulate local industries.

The purpose of establishing TAPCEN is to absorb the abundant supply of agricultural production in the lake-zone and neighboring areas of the municipality.  The area is expected to be equipped with cold storage and processing facilities, an area for cattle fattening and a slaughter facility as well as forest product processing.  Post-harvest facilities, fish processing and the canning facilities, which is presently operating with the abundant “tamban” species as raw material, are also located in the area.

Industries encouraged in the TAPCEN area are agri-based manufacturing operations; technology based companies and allied manufacturing activities.

Some of the key priority projects for Mindanao, affirmed by the recent Mindanao Business Conference, are the establishment of a major food manufacturing and setting up of a coco-coir processing facility in the Tubay Agri-Industrial Processing Center (TAPCEN).

The coco-coir facility will be capable of transforming various coconut waste materials into marketable products like coco fiber and dust for horticultural applications with countries like Australia, Germany and Japan as principal markets. First stage processing will be done at the village level, increasing downstream economic activities at the barangay level and contiguous areas.

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Other preferred industries to be located in the TAPCEN area are the following:

 a)     Agri-based Industries

  • feed mill
  • coco-coir factory
  • copra soil manufacturing
  • organic fertilizer processing
  • veneer manufacturing

b)     Aqua-based Industries

  • blast freezing and cold storage facility
  • fish processing plant
  • fish cannery (existing AMS Canning Corporation)
  • ice plant

c)     Light Industries

  • stone craft factory – which utilizes Tubay stones in its production
  • machine and equipment fabrication
  • ceramic and roof tile factory
  • abaca paper pulp factory
  • semi conductors and electronics parts industry utilizing marine
  • household elements found in Tubay
  • furniture factory
  • rubber molding facility
  • metal fabrication
  • stone ornament processing

d)     Food manufacture and processing industries

  • pineapple cannery
  • mango processing plant
  • peanut plant and soya
  • vegetable processing plant
  • nata de coco factory
  • coco juice plant
  • slaughter house
  • dairy factory