Land Area

                  Tubay has a total land area of 13,800 hectares occupies 5.33% of the total land area of the province of Agusan del Norte. The urban area covers 2.97% of the total land area while the rural areas cover the dominant 97.03%. Specifically, the top 3 barangays vis-à-vis areas covered: Barangay Tagmamarkay (19.78%), Doña Telesfora 11.41% and Sta Ana (20.5%).  

Slope Classification

                  Approximately 31.14 percent of the municipality’s land area has slopes of 0-3%. These areas are along the Kalinawan River that traverses the municipality from Mainit Lake towards the Butuan Bay.  Areas with slope of 18% & above comprise 55.38%. These areas occupy both the eastern and western boundaries of the locality.  In between these two slope categories are rolling and hilly areas that cover 13.48 percent.

Soil Types

Land Classification

Forest/timber area is 7,518.03 hectares or 54.57% while alienable and disposable area is 6,281.97 hectares or 45.43%. Total built-up area is 148.5 hectares, which is 2.36% of the total alienable and disposal lands.

Existing General Land Use     

      A total of 7,212.04 hectares or 52.26% of land in the municipality are forest area. The area devoted for agricultural use is 4,847 hectares or 35.12%, mineral land is 598.50 hectares or 4.34%, Body of Water is 522.96 hectares or 3.79%, open grass land is 471 hectares or 3.41 and the built-up area covers only 148.5 hectares or 1.08%