The presence of the Tubay Mountain Beach Resort, an AA DOT Accredited Resort, is now becoming a popular venue for seminars, conferences and conventions in Agusan del Norte.  The number of visitors and tourist also has increased from the previous years. 

Its scenic coastal view, inviting blue waters and rock formation will serve as tourist attraction of the province.  The development and construction of tourism oriented structures as well as the promotion and organization of cultural and social activities will enhance the natural attraction of these spots thereby attracting both local and foreign tourists. 

Projected Targets of Tourist Arrivals in the municipality are as follows:

Foreign Tourists
Short TermMedium TermLong Term 1998up to 2000up to 2010 One Thousand PersonsThree Thousand PersonsTen Thousand Persons
Local Tourist
Short TermMedium TermLong Term 1998up to 2000up to 2010 Four Thousand PersonsSix Thousand PersonsFifteen Thousand Persons  


The inviting spring-fed swimming pool, scenic view of Butuan Bay and fresh mountain air provides a soothing calmness for those who desire escape from a noisy and hectic day.


With the rich resources to develop, the municipality will actively contribute to the socio-economic upliftment of the people, in collaboration with the private sector and the community as well.